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Technical Specification:

  • 650nm red class 2 laser 
  • LiPol rechargeable battery with high capacity for cold conditions
  • Micro USB charging connector (new mobile phone standard) 
  • Adjustable diopter 
  • Weight: 3,6 kg 
  • High accuracy trigger 
  • Action fits izhmash biathlon stocks 
  • Available with 2 different stock types 



LARSEN Laser rifle stock (picture above) Beech or birch wood

  • Adjustable length 
  • Rails for hand stopper and harness

Izhmash cadet rifle stock

  • Birch wood 
  • Black or blue color 
  • Rail for handstop 
  • Adjustable length and check rest 


How to operate the Larsen Laser rifle:

The laser in the Larsen laser rifle runs on a rechargeable battery.
By removing the rubber plug on the right side of the action you will get access to the charging connection.

Use a standard micro USB charger for charging.
While charging a green light on the top of the action will light.
The battery are fully charged when the light stop lightning.
A fully charged battery has a tremendous shot capaсity.
During product testing more than 70 000 shots was fired without charging.

Battery capacity on the rifle:
While firing a green light flash on the top of the action.
When the battery capacity are good - the light flash once.
When the light flashes 2 times - its time to recharge the battery.


Adjusting the hit point:
By delivery the rifle is zeroed at a distance of 10 meter.
The hight and side adjustment knots are adjusted approximately in the middle position.
The diopter should be placed with the fixing nut above the loading arm - when the loading arm is in the front position.

1: Choose a location where you are not under strong sunlight.
2: Make a black dot on a white background
3: Make a shot - see where the red dot hit relative to the black dot
4: Adjust the hit point of the red dot by following the instructions below:

Adjusting the hit point by adjusting the diopter:

Move the hit point to the right:
Turn the side button clockwise

Move the hit point up:
Turn the top button clockwise

If you cannot manage to adjust the hit point enough by adjusting the diopter, you can adjust the laser in the front end of the barrel:

Adjust the hit point to the right:
Turn the right side screw clockwise

Adjust the hit point up:
Turn the top screw clockwise

Even if the Larsen Laser rifle is a safe rifle by normal use you should always treat it with the same focus on safety as you do with normal rifles:
Never aim to yourself or at anyone else.
Children should be under overview by grownups
Carry the rifle in a cover on public places

Mer informasjon
Tax Item Number95.06.1909
EAN Barcode Number1555111511115
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