LARSEN Laserskive «Blinky»

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For bruk sammen med LARSEN Laserrifle. 4 integrerte og utskiftbare D-cell batterier gir deg timer med skytemuligheter og full fleksibilitet med tanke på treningssted. Du slipper å tenke på strømforsyning og tilkobling til strømnett som begrensende faktor for din trening.
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New developed Blinky target is built on a heavy duty aluminum profile to provide years of trouble free laser shooting action.

It works indoor and outdoor, strong or low light conditions. 
4 integrated, replaceable D-cells offer you hours of shooting action.
The new bullseye blanking system provides easy to see hit information - depending on the light conditions.

The Blinky target system is easy to install and simple to use;
No cables or computers are needed. 
Bring your target and rifle, and in a few minutes you can enjoy a trouble free shooting.

Multiple targets can be chained together and linked to a computer for hit result display and administration ( this requires Larsen DispLaser Soft ware that are not yet an commercial software).


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 428 x 125 x 60mm. 
  • Bullseye c-c:75mm
  • For 5m or 20m shooting distance
  • Exchangeable target plates; 8, 15, 22 and 35mm bullseye.
  • 4xD-cell internal battery bank.
  • Water resistant.
  • +35 to -25deg C.
  • Automatic reset, automatic power off +manual power switch
  • Battery status indicator
  • Works with class 2 red 650nm laser
  • DispLaserTM WEB-based display software( this requires Larsen DispLaser Soft ware that are not yet an commercial software).
  • LAN-cable data connection.( this requires Larsen DispLaser Soft ware that are not yet an commercial software).

Start using the Larsen BLINKY target:

  • Remove the plastic on the black front panel 
  • Open the end cap for inserting the batteries
  • Remove the fill material in the battery casing
  • Insert 4 D-cell batteries - minus in - plus out
  • Turn the end cap to «on» position

When the target is switched on it will automatically conduct a battery capacity test:

The 5 hit dots will start and stop lightening from left to right - each of them indicating 20% battery capacity:
5 dot light - 100% capacity
4 dot light - 80% capacity
3 dot light - 60% capacity
2 dot light - 40% capacity
1 dot light - 20% capacity

Battery saving:

If the target doesn't register a hit within 20 minutes, it will automatically turn of.
To start shooting again you need to restart the target:

  • Turn the switch to off position than back to on position.
Target reset:

The target resets automatically after following system:

  • When a hit is registered - 20 seconds interval before reset
  • When 5 hit are registered - 5 seconds interval before reset

Changing the size of the targets:

You can easily change the target size by sliding the target plates into the slot on the right side of the target.
Choose the size depending of the shooting distance and your level of shooting.


Installing the target:

Simple installation on a wall:
Use 2 wooden screws with a small head that fits into the slots on the backside of the target.


Permanent installation:
On the backside of the target there are 2 nuts. 
Use a 6 mm screw to fix the target to a wall or other suitable installation background.

Mer informasjon
EAN Barcode Number0010011101010001
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